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The multi-faceted approach to the real estate industry that Beals Associates Inc. has practiced since 1983 represents increased opportunities to property owners, developers, and public or private institutions. While our primary focuses lie in the Planning, Engineering, Permitting, and Management of real estate development projects, our expertise extends much further. 

By completing projects across a broad spectrum of service areas, the experience gained by the firm and by the people responsible for each Beals Associates achievement has proven to our clients that any goal can be reached. At Beals Associates, Inc. we are part of the team that will assist you in accomplishing your goals and visions.

Our Services


Land Planning at Beals Associates, Inc. takes an inter-disciplinary approach to mixed-use, residential, institutional, commercial, cultural, or recreational spaces. The planning services we offer commonly include property inventories to understand what features should be preserved, improved, or otherwise accommodated; regulatory analyses to anticipate required permits; and master planning to form the framework for long term successful projects that maintain regulatory compliance and public compatibility.

We work with institutional buyers, developers, brokers, lenders, and private landowners to conduct studies early in a project to identify and evaluate potential issues that could have an impact on future plans for the property. At the forefront of our goals in project planning is an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Our office prioritizes green infrastructure and environmental responsibility in all our projects and provides guidance and recommendations to project teams early in the process to achieve these goals.

As strategic planners with a focus on the value of real estate and the local environment, our staff applies creative site designs to unlock underutilized assets and maximize the value of land for clients. Through due diligence and feasibility analyses each of our clients will have an answer to the question, “What can I do with my land?”


The civil engineering services offered by Beals Associates, Inc. encompass the full development of a site. Our engineers work with a diverse group of clients in both the private and public sector to develop innovative solutions to complex engineering and design issues while utilizing the most current technologies available within the industry. We will work with each client individually in order to find a way for their ideal outcome to be become reality. In our experience, the knowledge gained during the early planning stages of a project helps to ensure that the overall design and engineering efforts meet those needs without detriment to a project’s budget. We never lose sight of the fact that our clients remain our top priority.

Beyond the design of real estate development projects at any scale and within any sector of the industry, our engineering staff can also provide ongoing construction observation and monitoring services, permit compliance evaluations, and offer representation during presentations, team meetings, and permitting hearings in order to provide detail on the designs they have produced eloquently and effectively.

Civil engineering is a key aspect to any real estate development project, but it is just a fraction of what Beals Associates, Inc. can offer.


As a crucial component to the life of a project and the development process, Beals Associates, Inc. has helped clients secure permits on projects ranging in size from small-scale retail to multi-phase industrial business parks and everywhere in between across New England, New Jersey, New York, and South Carolina. Our strong position as client advocates and our willingness to negotiate with regulatory bodies has not only resulted in a successful track record, but has also afforded us the ability to leverage project approvals that had previously been denied or overturned on appeal. We utilize the firm’s ability to design and communicate as effective tools throughout the permitting process to navigate through even the most adverse permitting environments.

By understanding the various scheduling challenges and implications of the permitting process and how various local, state, and federal jurisdictions can affect these processes, we are able to work from the point of view of the client to provide an overall scope of work and timeline beneficial for all. Although we are always client focused and serve as strong client advocates, we always maintain a professional and courteous relationship with the various authorities having jurisdiction in order to help facilitate and expedite the process to the greatest extent possible.

Private developers, ownership groups, and institutions have trusted our firm to ensure entitlement documents and processes are worked through in a timely manner.


We recognize that every project is unique and every project team is comprised of unique individuals which is the driving force behind how we approach the Project Management discipline of the real estate development process. Rather than force each project into a traditional PM model, our staff will review the client’s desired goals and best-case outcomes to develop an individualized project management strategy that will guide the project from start to finish most effectively.

Over the years, our roles as project managers have taken on a variety of formats based on a client’s request or the type of project at hand. To name a few, we have overseen a team of consultants on the owner’s behalf, provided site construction management services, and have led multi-disciplinary teams of professionals through difficult regulatory processes. Every new project is an opportunity to differ from the traditional management roles and to expand our skill set in the manner in which each development is guided.

The philosophy towards project management has been, and will continue to be, the same: understand the project, understand the client, and understand the team tasked to get it done. Clients have repeatedly trusted Beals Associates, Inc. to manage their projects and real estate portfolios for nearly four decades. From an idea to the completion of construction, we will find a way to accomplish your goals.

Areas of Expertise


  • Office
  • Retail
  • Athletics


  • Single-Family
  • Multi-Family
  • Senior Living
  • Active Adult
  • Subdivisions


  • Heavy & Light Manufacturing
  • Research & Development Labs
  • Life Sciences Manufacturing
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • General Warehouses
  • Solar Facilities


  • Stormwater Management
  • Infrastructures
    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Gas
    • Telecommunications

Master Planning

Beals Associates, Inc. has provided professional services to municipalities and private organizations, alike, in order to determine the best possible outcome of a property through Master Planning efforts. By utilizing the client’s goals as a framework, we take the existing physical conditions and applicable regulations into consideration to produce a plan that effectively and efficiently lays out a future developmental scheme. We strive to create Master Plans that can guide each client through a single- or multi-phase project which will be benefit not only the client and stake holders, but also the local municipality and those utilizing the area day in and day out.

Development Advisors

Beals Associates, Inc. is often called upon to provide advisory opinions and serve as a development advisor on projects that do not involve traditional design development or feasibility study paths. We have in depth knowledge of real estate trends that allow us to provide advisory roles in numerous sectors of the market within topics ranging from financial feasibility to permitting and planning. Through our advisory roles, we can provide the analyses, services, and strategic planning necessary to position your real estate portfolio correctly for the future. These roles often take on a project management position allowing us to work with our clients while managing a full team of consultants.

Expert Witness

Over the years, Beals Associates, Inc. has been called upon to provide expert witness testimony on behalf of our clients. While it is typically desired to resolve legal matters prior to going to trial, often we have been called to the witness stand in court. We have also been requested to provide documentation and statements in eminent domain cases, land disputes and abutter mediations.

Property Analyses

Clients have retained Beals Associates to determine the highest and best use of a property based on the existing layout, environmental constraints, local regulations, and market trends to name a few. Having completed over 300 Property Analysis Reports and Feasibility Studies, our client base ranges from private land owners to corporate and institutional entities to real estate marketing professionals. Beals has been repeatedly trusted to accurately gauge the maximum economic potential that a property can achieve. The work product resulting from our extensive and comprehensive efforts have been used for marketing real estate transactions, property evaluations, and eminent domain cases. While the real estate market is everchanging and no two properties are alike, we understand that there is neither a right way nor a wrong way to approach real estate, but there is a best way and that is what we are here to offer you.


Project Advocates

A real estate development project requires more than just good engineering design to succeed. In order to obtain approval of a well-conceived and well-designed project, the ultimate outcome of the approval process is in large part due to project advocacy. Once we have designed and submitted a project for approval, our firm takes on the role of a project advocate in an effort to explain the quality of the design, how the project responds to the rules and regulations, and why it should be approved. These efforts include effective presentations in the public permitting forum; meeting with municipal officials and staff to discuss and resolve issues; public outreach with abutters, neighbors, and citizen groups to mitigate concerns; and, ultimately drafting a decision acceptable to all parties involved, particularly the project developer, our client.

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