New Balance Headquarters

The New Balance Headquarters Building features 250,000 square feet of state of the art office space that serves as the initial cornerstone of the overall Boston Landing development project in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Beals Associates, Inc. worked with Elkus Manfredi Architects, John Moriarty & Associates, and a project team of exceptional talent to bring this initial phase of Boston Landing online in Fall 2015.

The project gained LEED Platinum certification under the v2009 Core and Shell rating system. Among the criteria receiving points toward the certification were energy-efficient design, water use reduction, sustainable site selection and development, responsible materials selection and waste management, and enhanced indoor environmental quality.

Multi-function stormwater management systems were installed under new private roadways to provide an 86% reduction in the overall stormwater volume from the property. Water quality enhancements include in excess of 80% sediment reduction and over 65% phosphorus reduction in accordance with the Charles River TMDL requirements.

In addition to the office building that sits on a podium above street level, the project features underground parking garages, street level retail space and uniquely designed outdoor plazas for visitors to the area.

Beals Associates, Inc. served as the lead Civil Engineer and local permitting liaison for this project. Coordination with Boston Water and Sewer as well as the City of Boston Public Improvements Commission was required prior to construction of this facility.