Land Planning at Beals Associates, Inc. takes on several different forms. From traditional planning exercises that evaluate how a known project will fit into a neighborhood, to creating a development scheme on a large tract of land to be evaluated for financial viability, to long term studies of the impacts of development on a property, Beals Associates, Inc. staff brings a diverse background and skill set that provides a clear picture of the development potential to clients seeking guidance in this area.

Our planning services include property inventories to understand what features should be preserved, improved, or otherwise accommodated, complete land based regulatory analysis to anticipate from the beginning what permit processes will need to be accommodated (or, in some cases, avoided) and overall master planning to begin forming the framework for long term successful projects.

Our philosophy toward planning is simple - gain an in depth understanding of the land, regulatory constraints and public issues to create an overall master plan to work within identified opportunities and constraints to protect the overall environment while maintaining regulatory compliance and public compatibility. Using this philosophy, BAI has successfully planned institutional, commercial, cultural and recreational projects over the years.

As strategic planners with a focus on the value of real estate, we are often contacted to provide feasibility analysis of a parcel of land for sale. We have conducted hundreds of best use studies for a variety of clients from real estate professionals to individual land owners who simply need an answer to the question "What can I do with my land?"


Due diligence studies are also a large part of our planning services. We work with institutional buyers, developers, brokers, lenders and private land owners to conduct studies early in a project process to evaluate the potential for issues that could have an impact on the future plans for the property. At the forefront of our goals in project planning is always an eye on environmental sustainability. Our offices recognize the need to maintain awareness and focus on green infrastructure and environmental responsibility. We insert these beliefs into our project planning by providing guidance and recommendations to the overall project teams early on regarding features that can be implemented into the project to achieve these goals.