Beals Associates, Inc. approaches Project Management with an understanding that every project is unique and every project team comprises unique individuals. Rather than force each project into a traditional PM model, our staff will review the desired goals and outcomes to develop project management strategies that will fit the project and project team instead of forcing the project to fit management system.
Over the years, our roles as Project Managers have taken on a variety of formats. We have served as the owner's watchdog over a team of consultants. We have provided site construction management services. We have led multi-disciplinary teams of professionals through difficult regulatory processes. We are excited when our Project Management roles take a different path from the traditional roles. We are often asked what services we can provide. Our answer is always the same - what do you need us to do? We can arrange for that to be done.


Successful Project Management also requires an in depth understanding of the client's desired outcome and the project team's philosophy. We maintain a strong desire to learn about the characteristics and personality of all aspects of the project, from the inception to completion of construction.