Beals Associates, Inc. features an engineering staff with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests that allows our office to provide a broad-based approach to a wide variety of engineering issues. Our engineers work with a diverse group of clients in both the private and public sector in order to develop innovative solutions to complex engineering and design issues. We use the knowledge gained in the early planning stages of the project to ensure that the overall design and engineering efforts are oriented toward the desired project goals and outcomes. This approach reduces the number of iterations necessary to achieve the desired end result and saves our clients' money in the long run. Our entire staff never loses sight of the fact that ours is a service oriented profession, and as such, our clients remain our top priority.

We offer full site development engineering services from conceptual design through permitting and construction documents. Our engineering staff can also provide ongoing construction observation and monitoring services as well as permit compliance evaluations. Successful projects require close communication between all the various project team members and communication is a focus for our staff on all projects. We also maintain close communication with clients and regulatory officials throughout the entire project, often taking the lead in owner presentations, project team meetings, and permitting hearings.

Our office utilizes and maintains current Autodesk Design Suite software. By using the full suite of software, we have the ability to seamlessly transform data from one software to another depending on
which model the various consultants are using. During this conversion, we can manipulate the information between both two- and three dimensional views. Two-dimensional software allows us to access information on a precise level of detailing for design. Conversion into three-dimensional models then gives us the ability to render objects and integrate outside sources into a single central model. The ability to integrate such information increases the collaboration between our office and other consultants or construction teams allowing issues to be identified and resolved in a timely manner.