Residences at Boston Landing

The Residences at Boston Landing will serve as the “Live” portion of the overall “Live, Work and Play” philosophy within the Boston Landing development. The 311,000 square foot building features 295 residential units, 15,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and 115 parking spaces dedicated to residents at ground level and one level up within the building envelope.

The building is located at the easterly end of Boston Landing, opposite the New Balance Headquarters and the future hotel building. Civil design components of this building were carefully coordinated around other mechanical and structural systems due to the very tight nature of the surrounding property limits and construction confines.  Underground stormwater management facilities were coordinated with crane setup locations during construction to avoid conflicts.

Beals Associates, Inc. served as the lead Civil Engineer and local permitting liaison for this project. Coordination with Boston Water and Sewer as well as the City of Boston Public Improvements Commission was required prior to construction of this facility.