Boston Landing Sports Center

The New Balance Sports Facility is a 485,000 square foot multi-sport facility focused on athletic training and technological discovery to further advance competitive sports. The highlight of the building is a hydraulically actuated track that can stage various track and field events indoors on the upper level of the facility.  Complete training facilities and medical offices are located within the building. Street level retail opportunities exist along both Life Street and Guest Street along with limited parking within the building. Research and development of athletic apparel and equipment will be a focus at this new facility in the heart of the Boston Landing development.

Extensive stormwater management planning and utility phasing were involved in the design and permitting by our office to ensure this complex fit within the overall Boston Landing planned development without negative impacts to the facilities already completed or under construction.

Beals Associates, Inc. served as the lead Civil Engineer and local permitting liaison for this project. Coordination with Boston Water and Sewer as well as the City of Boston Public Improvements Commission was required prior to construction of this facility.


Boston Landing sports center