Auerbach Center

The Auerbach Center will bring another professional sports team to the Boston Landing neighborhood. This project is a collaboration with Elkus Manfredi Architects, John Moriarty & Associates and a talented team of engineers and designers assembled to build a fully modern NBA training and office complex for the City’s professional basketball franchise.

The multi-use building includes a fully modern NBA practice facility, locker room complex, training spaces and business offices. 85,000 square feet of additional office and lab space make up the upper floors of the building while street level retail and parking make up the ground level of the new structure. Underground parking garages with separate entrances for Boston Celtics personnel and the general public are located at the rear of the building. Extensive stormwater management planning and utility phasing were involved in the design and permitting by our office to ensure this complex fit within the overall Boston Landing planned development without negative impacts to the facilities already completed or under construction.

Beals Associates, Inc. served as the lead Civil Engineer and local permitting liaison for this project. Coordination with Boston Water and Sewer as well as the City of Boston Public Improvements Commission was required prior to construction of this facility.