Beals Associates, Inc. staff has successfully permitted projects in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina. Our strong position as client advocates and willingness to negotiate with regulatory bodies has allowed us to leverage permits for projects that had previously been denied or overturned on appeal. We utilize both design and communication as tools of our successful permitting record and take pride in our ability to secure permits in adverse permitting environments.
Our office works with private developers, ownership groups, and instituitions to ensure entitlement documents and processes are worked through in a timely manner. We understand how various local, state and federal jurisdictions can affect these processes and we provide advisory services to our clients on how to navigate these issues.


Beals Associates, Inc. understands the various scheduling challenges and implications of the permitting process. We work from the point of view of the client to provide an overall timeline that will work for the project and the team to set up a successful project from the inception. Although we are always client focused and serve as strong client advocates, we always maintain a professional and courteous relationship with the various authorities having jurisdiction in order to help facilitate and expedite the process to the extent possible.

We often take the lead in permitting presentations with local and state agencies. Our staff works with project team members to create an integrated and effective permitting presentation that will provide a clear understanding of the project to the regulatory review body. These presentations are often in an electronic format and projected on a screen during the hearings.