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Beals Associates continues to be a proud team member of this truly transformational project in Boston:


Brighton Buzz: Boston Landing

Beals Associates, Inc. is proud to be part of this outstanding project.



MassDEP Precipitation Rates

Stormwater management facilities are an integral part to most Civil Engineering projects. The frequency of a storm event dictates the rate and volume of stormwater that will be used in calculating the sizing for stormwater management facilities.


Current Civil Engineering standard practice uses precipitation rates found in technical paper (TP40), and is required as a minimum by MassDEP. TP40 was published in 1961 by the US Weather Bureau. MassDEP is currently reviewing precipitation values from the Northeast Regional Climate Center published by Cornell University in 2008. MassDEP is also reviewing precipitation values in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Atlas 14 published September 2015. If adopted, these precipitation values could increase the required sizing for stormwater management facilities. Please see the attached PDF for more information from MassDEP.



Developing Roads That Can Generate Power From Passing Traffic

A study is being conducted to look into the potential of having roads and pavement that can generate energy from passing traffic.  Engineers have been looking into new materials to use , such as piezolectic ceramic, that can harvest and convert vibrations into electrical energy. This is a breaking potential that could help produce the next smart roads.


Harvesting and using renewable energy sources has always been a topic of choice when design is concerned. More and more companies and people are looking into making sustainable buildings and site designs. The potential of smart roads could add to the benefit of creating energy and using less resources that we cannot get back.  Although the studies are being conducted currently  in the UK and parts of Europe this trend could be seen in the United States soon as well.


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New Resort Transforming Gloucester’s Waterfront

Beals Associates, Inc. is proud to be part of this transformational project

Boston Landing Development


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